Bringing Nonviolence To Life

Learning to integrate Nonviolent Communication to cultivate compassion and creativity, and transform your world...

When I first learned about the life and work of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr., I was both inspired and overwhelmed by how much they accomplished through nonviolence. Awestruck, their examples often seemed so vast as to become intangible, especially when I look at how much I would like to see change about this world. How could I possibly apply the lessons from these people to creating more peace in the world right now?Sharing a Temba community meal in Mt. Shasta, CASharing a Temba community meal

Nonviolent Communication, created by Marshall Rosenberg as a language of compassionate giving and receiving, gives us the tools to bring nonviolence into our daily lives. By integrating the core principles and practices that cultivated this model, we can act to create a world in which everyone's needs matter. In this series of workshops, we will practice ways of bringing Nonviolent Communication out of the mechanics of a language model, and into a way of being. Drawing from my experience living with Nonviolent Communication integrated into my community, we will

  • Find the spaces where nonviolence already exists in our lives
  • Explore King's tenets of nonviolence and steps for social change, and see how they relate directly to our lives
  • Deepen our experience of the energy of human needs
  • Transform despair into hope, fear into presence, and anger into life-serving power
  • Cultivate an intention to connect that can change the world
  • Begin to build new systems that address all human needs
  • Learn how to maintain strength and energy in doing this work

This is an invitation to learn more about yourself, build community, and impact your world in a space where nonviolence already exists. This series is open to all political persuasions, all ages, and all levels of experience with Nonviolent Communication training. I do request that you read the first 3 chapters of Speak Peace in a World of Conflict, by Marshall Rosenberg before the first session.

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