Compassionate Communities

Through workshops, trainings, and ongoing support, Jiva and Wendy work directly with communities to build cultures of peace...

We draw from experience in conflict resolution, Nonviolent Communication, and restorative practices to work together with diverse groups seeking to create more connection and cohesion.Jiva and Wendy (left) with the Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance after a 2-day intensive trainingJiva and Wendy (left) with the Sustainable
Global Leadership Alliance after a 2-day
intensive training
  Our unique approach of team facilitation expands our foundation, for though we share similar worldviews and goals, we often have different methods. This builds a dynamic flexibility that keeps our trainings lively, fun, and full of learning.  Through our own partnership, we seek to inspire collaboration with and within each group we encounter.  This allows us to tailor each session to most effectively meet the needs of everyone in the room.   


Each of our trainings will cover at least 3 broad areas, and include exercises and practices to develop tangible skills and awareness. 


  • Bring down walls that keep us seperate
  • Build trust so that everyone feels safe as part of the team
  • Develop sustainable practices for ongoing connection

Nonviolent Communication:

  • Learn skills for empathic listening
  • Practice honest self-expression
  • Discover ways to get our needs met without garnering resentment from others

Conflict-Resolution and Restorative Discipline:

  • Practice turning difficult conversations into increased connection
  • Create practical, effective tools for restoring order, safety, and inclusion
  • Make community agreements that support everyone

We work with schools, youth organizations, workplaces, correctional and treatment facilities, families, and religious/spiritual communities, both in the United States and abroad. 

If you are connected to a community that would like support, click here to request a training